Put the ACTIF back into your PETS!

We are on a mission to help one million dogs in the UK by 2025.
As a small family business this is a big goal but we are confident we can do this with the help and support of our customers.

We are a family business based in Kent and are dedicated to providing pet owners with holistic products and resources to help their pets live a full life.

We have just the right products for your pets! 

We are always adding to our product line, here are our three bestsellers.

Flax Oil

Flax Oil helps to support the immune system and mobility of your pet.
This is a great alternative to Cod Liver Oil and Salmon Oil for people who can't stand the fishy smell.

£16.99 (1 Litre)  £11.99 (500ml)

Soap & Conditioner

Our Soap and Conditioner soothes itching, scratching, dryness and damaged skin. This is ideal for all dog coat types including allergies and sensitive coat or fur.


Shampoo & Conditioner

Our Shampoo and Conditioner is made of a gentle formula that cleanses the fur, removes dirt and odour. This leaves the coat feeling soft and moisturised. 


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